Service Charges

The fees and charges to be levied on the various services is compiled in the below table.

Nature of Services / Facilities / PermissionsCharges(INR)
Loan Processing Fees

a) If loan amount < 5 lacs - Rs 3379

b) If loan amount > 5 lacs & < 10 lacs - Rs 3887

c) If loan amount > 10 lacs - Rs 4565

d) Documentation Charges -  Rs 350

e) Goods & Service Tax - 18%

Change of personal informationNIL
Change of correspondence addressNIL
Copy of full set of Agreement(on client's request)Rs. 200
Change in contract tenure ( Reschedulement and cycle date change)Rs. 5000
Change in agreement or addendum to Agreement( Constitutional change - Non Monetary change)Rs. 2500
Withdrawal or Loan cancelation chargesRs. 5000
Consent letter for Inter State RC transferRs.1000
Repayment schedule / Statement of Loan A/c on borrowers requestRs. 250
Change or addition of guarantorRs. 5000
Post closure duplicate issues of NOCRs. 1000
Documentation chargesRs. 350
NOC for commercial to personal usageRs. 2000
LPG / CNG NOCRs. 2000
NOC private to commercial usageRs. 5000
Interest on default payments0.1% per day plus applicable taxes
Charges per cheque / ESC mandate bounceRs. 500 per instance
Cheque / repayment mode swap chargeRs. 500
Cheque re-presentation chargesRs. 500
Full prepayment charges(effective 18/4/2013)

a) If within 24 months -  3% on outstanding principal amount

b) If after 24 months - 1.5% on outstanding principal amount

Part PaymentAllowed only twice in entire loan tenure, prepayment amount should not be less than the amount equivalent to 3 EMIs. For processing such part prepayment request 2% part prepayment charges shall be levied on said part payment amount.
Legal, repossession and incidental chargesAt actual
Stamp duty chargesAt actual


1) All fees and charges are subject to Goods & Service Tax as applicable.

2) The fees or charges given in above table are subject to change and the one recorded in agreement will be binding over this site